Jet Washing in Islington

We service all Greater London areas

    Over time those paving stones, bricks and other external hard surfaces begin to lose their initial vigour and start to show their age. Once things like dirt and moss have begun to take hold on exterior surfaces it can really be detrimental to the aesthetic of your home. Whether it is wood or stone it is sure to sure to look drab if it is not properly and regularly cleaned and maintained. This look is not permanent though and you need not put up with your paving or decking looking anything less than brand new. Here at

    Millennium City Cleaning we offer jet washing in Islington that will bring back the original attractive look of all of your exterior surfaces. Our skilled cleaners will use the latest jet washing technology to give any hard exterior hard surface a clean that will bring it back to life. Many Jet washing machines simply do not have the power or do not have a wide enough jet to consistently clean a surface. The equipment that we use is of an industrial standard and is sure to give the consistent and thorough clean that you need and make sure that our jet washing in Islington will never leave you disappointed.

    Our thorough service is sure to have any surfaces cleaned to perfection in no time at all and you will soon see the positive effect that this will have on the look of your home, bringing back the natural colour and breathing new life into external stone and wood finishes.

    So if you have noticed that the outside of your home rather lets down the overall aesthetic impact then be sure to give us a try and see for yourself just how thorough our jet washing in Islington and the Greater London area is.

    There are many factors to take into account whilst quoting for a job,drainage,what type of surface it is,whether or not it needs any treatments before jet washing,etc.

    However a minimum charge of £85 is standard for all jobs.

    Patio cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.
    Driveway& sidewalk cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.
    Wooden deck cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.
    Brick &block cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.
    Concrete cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.
    Car park cleaning  £2.50 per sq m.

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