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    In order for a house to continue to run smoothly and safely it needs regular maintenance to ensure that the general wear and tear do not take hold of major systems such as plumbing leaving you forking out for major repairs. As property owners it is good sense to keep on top of these small jobs, the perfect solution is to address them as soon as they occur, by employing a skilled handyman in Islington.

    Here at Millennium City Cleaning we understand that you don’t always have the time or tools to undertake repairs yourself, with this in mind we offer our handyman in Islington to ensure that these tasks are not neglected. Keeping on top of these tasks will make sure that you are not hit with a huge repair bill when those jobs that start out small inevitably become far more serious.

    Now and again something will need attention in your home and a handyman really is the best solution to these smaller repair and maintenance problems. Our handyman has over 12 years experience, so when you require a plumber or electrician in Islington we can assist you with appliance and small repairs and will make sure that all of your small repair tasks are completed to a high standard.

    If you need to book a handyman in Islington, we have a team of dedicated customer services staff waiting to take your call and arrange a time that suits you. Give us a call on 0800 024 6205 or send an email to info@millenniumcitycleaning.co.uk and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the work that you require.

    Call us on 0800 024 6205 also for any BUILDING SERVICES you may require now or in the future to discuss your ideas with us

    We do anything from painting a room to home extension or loft conversion and much more

    No job too small or too big

    As well as handyman services  and building services we can also provide an qualified electrician or plumber in Islington and throughout the greater London area to guarantee that those niggling jobs get the attention that they require.

    Rubbish Removal Service

    Gas Safety Certificate:

    - An inspection of your boiler/gas central system and its pipe work  

    - Completion of gas safety certificate (CP12), emailed to you the day after successful completion  

    Electrical Safety Certificate:

    - Diagnostics and fault finding on electrical systems. Our engineers are fully trained and comply with all current requirements and regulations. Our electricians use the latest testing equipment to trace  faults. Once our engineer has carried out the inspection they will provide you with a report detailing any faults and recommendations for remedial works.

    Central heating problems

    Power flush a central heating system    

    It costs between £300 – £400 depending on the size of pipe work, amount of radiators, state and condition of tank in the loft and what lurks in the system!  

    Radiators rust internally producing black iron oxide ‘sludge’. This sludge moves around the heating system blocking pipes,etc. Power flush equipment connects to your central heating and cleans the whole system without having to take off all the radiators. A corrosion inhibitor is added to the clean water,radiators are balanced as required.

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      0800 024 6205

      Whether you are looking for a handyman in Islington, or require help with other maintenance work, we have a team of dedicated customer service focused staff just waiting for your call and who are able to answer all the questions you may have and can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

       Alternatively simply book a service clicking on our Book a Handyman or send us a message to info@millenniumcitycleaning.co.uk.

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  • Interior

    • Take care of fix-it lists
    • Install and replace appliances
    • (Water & Pet Damage/Cracks)
    • Door Repair/Replacement
    • Window/Screen/Repairs
    • Grout Repair/Replace/Seal
    • Shelving and Shoe Racks
    • Tile Repair/Replace/Seal
    • Repair or Replace General Hardware
    • Paint & Stain Doors/Trim/Moldings
  • Electrical

    • Add electrical outlets to other walls
    • Add new lighting or replace existing lighting with modern fixtures
    • Change switched lights to dimmers. Redirect switched to other locations
    • Security Lighting & Post Lamps
    • Dimmer Switches and GFI Outlets
    • Clean/Repair/Replace Bath Exhaust Fans
    • Repair/Replace Light Fixtures
    • Install Energy Saving Light Bulbs
    • Repair/Replace Ceiling Fan
  • Plumbing

    • Replace old plumbing with new plumbing under sinks
    • Repair slab leaks and plumbing leaks in walls
    • Install faucets, vanities, etc
    • Repair Drips and Leaks
    • Install New Faucets
    • Washing Machine Upgrades
    • (Install Stainless Steel Water Fill Hoses)
    • Repair/Rebuild/Replace Toilets & Seals
    • Install Shower Heads/Diverters/Aerators
    • Hose Bib Repair

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